Contract Manufacturing

POLIFARMA is one of the leading LVP and SVP manufacturer in Turkish healthcare industry. Our experience from more than 20 years manufacturing I.V fluids, turned us into a specialist in the production of Parenteral Solutions.

POLIFARMA’s  plant has four major production lines in Parenteral Solution;

  • in Polypropylene (PP) I.V bag  with 1 port  & 2 ports
  • in Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) I.V bag
  • in Polypropylene (PP) Irrigation Bottle
  • in Vacuumed Glass Bottle

with the widest volume alternatives;

 ▪    50 ml.            ▪      100 ml.         ▪     150 ml.         ▪      250 ml.
 ▪  500 ml.            ▪    1000 ml.         ▪   2000 ml.         ▪    3000 ml.

We produce and fill LVP and SVP products according to your requirements. Depending on your specifications, we fill solutions for irrigation, infusion threapy and volume replacement as well as standard injectables.


Benefit from our in-depth knowledge in the production of LVP and SVP .

Take advantage of our expertise in the field of processes, solutions, containers and materials. Our technology meets your requirements. We are able to produce standard and custom solutions in small and large volumes.

Depending on the requirements of solution, we can offer the right container. The correct choice of the material is made by following stability & compatibility analysis.

Partnering with POLIFARMA gives you an access to complete “Project Management” capabilities.

Your Advantages;

  • Instant access to POLIFARMA’s knowledge in LVP and SVP solutions.
  • Improved effeciency resulting from time and cost savings.
  • Enhanced product portfolios.
  • Shorter times for entering market.
  • Lower investment in developing and research.
  • Access to emerging international markets.

In conclusion; We have established a quality driven performance to be able to offer customers a flexible and a cost effective approach with the norms of c-GMP regulations. POLIFARMA emphasized the quality as a critical care value. We provide customers safety and best products.

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