Investment on Human

POLIFARMA believes in the necessary integration of the technologic breakthrough with an investment in human, and therefore speed up its efforts in this field. As part of the human resources practices, and by establishing a frame of mind and practice that will enable the current systems of the small mission groups formed within the company to be carried to a more advanced point on their own accord, an outcome that may be identified as employees claiming the system in its entirety has been defined as a target.

Parallel to the new opportunities and developments obtained in the capacity and quality of production, and within the framework of increasing the domestic market share as a goal; the reorganization operations continue in full speed towards constituting effective sales and marketing network, and populating this network with a staff of experts in management, education, sales, promotion, and administration within an operational mentality capable of providing customers with the best and scientific services. With approximately 456 sophisticated staff in total today, the company cherishes the excitement of achieving its goals in the organization of sales and marketing capable of delivering nation-wide services, as well as rapidly pursuing its future goals.