Our Quality Policy

POLIFARMA possesses GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) certificates and maintains its manufacturing practices in compliance with these standards, and it ideally and most appropriately configured the updated GMP and carried out its active implementation in all of its divisions, including the infrastructure.

The concepts of education, in-process controls, validations, S.O.P. and the performance of the updated requirements of these concepts in production, as well as their constant development in accordance with the latest innovations constitute the fundamental factor of our Quality Assurance System.

Being the sole domestic manufacturer among the corporations that manufacture parenteral solution in the Turkish health industry, POLIFARMA has a sense of quality that accomplices with the c-GMP (Updated Good Manufacturing Practices) generated by the World Health Organization and endorsed by the T.R. Ministry of Health, and it aims to serve human health by the employment of modern technology and a group of experts.

All the current applications are being followed up, knowing fully well that there is no second quality in health; the serums that are injected to patients by means of direct vascular access are manufactured in the designated standard conditions. POLIFARMA adopts the understanding of providing convenience in terms of patient use as part of its sense of quality, and it renders constant development in this point and the enhancement of its product network, continuous

It is our essential philosophy to constantly improve our Quality Management System, as well as our educated personnel, in order to be able to achieve our objectives.

The application and monitoring of an effective quality system during the manufacturing phase from the entry of the raw material to the process it is delivered to the customers, as well as enabling customer satisfaction by adopting a customer-oriented vision have been among our company priorities.

It is our employees’ fundamental responsibility to enable the movement and control of all departments within the internal order of the company towards a common goal and within the framework of the designated quality objectives.