General Information

POLIFARMA produces all of its products in Turkey’s most comprehensive and modern Parenteral Solution Production Facility using equipments of advanced technology, and in compliance with the norms of, Current Good Manufacturing Practices (c-GMP).

Enhancing the production and the product network of first the glass forms, and then the PVC bags, POLIFARMA caters the basic needs of human and health institutions in our country in the parenteral solution production.

POLIFARMA with 100% Turkish capital is capable of production in the forms of GLASS, PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and PP (polypropylene) simultaneously, and it is proud of serving Turkish Medicine by acquiring the widest volume alternative in its portfolio in its own field.

Preserving the Products

Our company makes sure that the identification, transportation, storing and preservation operations of our products are healthy and reliable.
  • All necessary environmental conditions are provided for ,
  • The security and safety of interdepartmental transportation,
  • Cleanliness, order and follow-up on the storage facilities
  • The protection of the product against deformation or any damage.

    All necessary measures are taken to enable the secure delivery of the product to the customer at the time of shipping. Storage requirements for the customer is stated on the product parcel with warning symbols or in written format.